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01 Blog Writing


Blogging is an exceptionally effective way to drive traffic to your site, amplify inbound marketing efforts and entice more perspective customers. According to research, almost 80% of the companies that incorporate blogging as a part of their marketing strategy acquired more customers than any other strategy. People love to read engaging blogs and share it too. However, creating such a spell casting blog comes with a lot of thinking and a funneling strategy. The tone, the pictures, the crisp yet engaging conversation flow and yet not overselling the product comes with incredible challenges. Amazingly, our blog writing experts are full of energy and creativity and their innovation is par excellence. [...]

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02 Article Writing

In an over saturated digital space companies are constantly looking for new ways to expand the reach to their target audience, and get attention from the potential customers. Luckily, our article writing team comprises of content artists that deliver quality content. Research is the heart of any written material and we spend good time doing that. Good articles have immense sharable value; hence help in spreading a word about the brand. We have professionals who have command over almost every discipline – you just name it, we will do it for you.[...]

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03 Brand Name

Branding is game changer. You don’t want to be a business next door just because you don’t have a name people can associate themselves too. Your hard work, your efforts and your dream for stellar success will go in vain without a strong, strategically decided and impression lasting brand name. Your brand name is your differentiation, its lays foundation for your brand personification and eventually to a robust brand identity. A compelling and relevant brand name adds value and zeal to your business growth. People believe businesses with great identities as it builds trust, association and long lasting relationships. Our creative team picks up your business idea and drafts a step by step strategy to build its identity from starch. It’s a long process but we are as involved in it as you are – because we know how much it matters to you.[...]

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04 Landing Page

Your landing page is the first touch point between your brand and your target audience. It’s an avenue to foster leads with compelling content and also an opportunity to generate qualified leads through various actions. Well-written, crisp and enticing landing pages that provide value for the reader and offer actionable steps (like explore, a call-to-action button or content related links) improve click-through rates and facilitates in starting the customer journey. Our creative copywriters carry out an extensive research before drafting your landing pages to study your competition. The copy is persuasive, best in SEO and keyword focused to ensure your reach is amplified organically and also in paid advertisement.[...]

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05 Newsletters

Newsletters has proven record of delivering amazing brand awareness - only when the content is crisp, engaging and communicated in the right way. You have to make sure your target audience opens your email and interacts in a way you want them to. Your newsletters can be anything from offerings discounts, lead generation, services information or introduction to new products. However, every direction needs a clear communication and actionable content, and we totally are experts in that. Our content gurus sit down to draft a theme relevant to your brand and design a content strategy. The customized templates are artfully created, excel in creativity and are absolutely unique to give you the competitive edge.[...]

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06 Web Copywriting

A well designed website is not the same as a high quality website. People who visit your website have a specific intention or a goal – you have to make sure you give them persuasive, relevant and quality content so that your bounce rate is low. An ill written website is a nightmare because your customer is never coming back if the impression lasts. A great website content strategy includes your sales pitch, punch lines, actionable words and a story that convince. It will be the deciding factor if the potential customer is already in the phase of conversion or a recurring lead will remain a customer. The success of the website is based solely with its discoverability of the search engines and your bet is strategically created content.[...]

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07 Video Script Writing Services

92% of the marketing Gurus swear by effectiveness of marketing videos. They have proven to deliver highest ROIs and brand awareness. A website, a social media platform or a blog, everything gets attention with paired up with a video. These videos are your bet to conquer the world’s second largest search engine YouTube. They also increase the traffic, offer a commendable sharable value and deliver the message within seconds. However, as amazing as it sounds, it comes with a lot of challenges. Your video’s success is highly or entirely dependent on the quality of the script. You have just 10 seconds to either convert the customer or lose it for good. We have a team of video magicians – they have proven experience in writing scripts for global brands. They excel in telling a story or even selling a product effortlessly through well-crafted and persuasive script.[...]

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08 Press Release

Regardless of the industry you operate in or the size of your business, a press release helps in grabbing the attention you want. From launching a new website, releasing your latest eBook, or announcing a product launch, a press release is a proven and most authentic way of getting the word out in the world. Also, it manages to reach the right people and the right forum. It’s an ideal marketing tool to put your story to the world, gives instant exposure, increases sales potential and strengthens relationship with influencers of all nature.[...]

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